Friday, 3 January 2014

best cardigan award

I'm so thankful I was able to capture these photos BEFORE the freezing -35 weather we're experiencing now. It's a shame because this is when I begin to crave spring and I need to suffer through 4 months of snow still :( Ah well, with work, school and everything else, I will hopefully be busy enough for time to fly by. Anyway, all I've been doing this past week is relaxing, cuddling up in cozy sweaters and hot drinks, spending time with Gavin and working on my art. This is the perfect way for me to end my holidays before I enter my final semester at school. I feel focused and rested (which doesn't happen often); and although I become restless in the winter months; cute, comfy sweaters like this one certainly help ;)
sweater & hat: forever 21 // dress: gifted

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