Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Forest 2 months old till 3 months

Late again, as he is coming close to four months now, haha. But here is Forest's three month update:

* rolls over to his side
*can fully keep his head and upper body upright without any help
*can pull himself forwards short distances during tummy time
*Makes spit bubbles
*laughed ( full on gut laugh) for the first time!
*Can grab hold of any object and bring it to his mouth to chew

Things that make him smile:
*Kisses always
*when mom sings to him
*waking up in the morning
*bumps when he's in the stroller haha
*watching mom eat (?)
*When we read to him
*car seat
*being cradled like a baby
*bottle (still won't take it) 
His eyes: still that baby blue
Hair: he's balding but it's currently blonde though bound to change when it grows back.
14 pounds and wonderfully healthy
Forest has been keeping us busier and busier lately, he is like new every day, discovering and learning new things daily makes being his mom so fun. Like me he is definitely a morning person. We have the greatest conversations and squealing competitions on the morning! He still adores being outdoors, we can't do as much with the cold weather, but walking about, looking at birds and trees seems to be enough to satisfy his restless spirit and curiousity. The sweetest things lately have been his huge smiles when I kiss his cheeks over and over while he looks in the mirror, when he opens his eyes slightly at night, sees me, smiles and falls back asleep...basically any time he smiles haha. it's the very best! He has such a light in him that is obvious even at his little age. Everyone loves him, he loves almost everyone (vibes dont lie). His teething has gotten a little worse, but he is coping well and still sleeping good between feedings, but likes to wake up anywhere between 4:30-7 which can be tiring. But there is no doubt is is more and more wonderful with each passing day. I didn't know I could love this much.

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