Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Brick Wall, Waterfall

These were taken a couple of weeks ago, when summer was holding on to the very last second. The sun shone brightly but the wind remained as cool as the rocks we climbed; the leaves have just started thier transition into thier colorful arrangement. It was the perfect day for a nature walk to explore some little waterfalls. It was special to come here for the first time with Forest, as this is the place Gavin and I had my maternity photos taken. It was surreal to know that the last time I was here, Forest was tucked away sweetly in my belly, and now I hold him in my arms and I get to show him the beauty our world beholds. The sound of running water and whispering trees is surely what made Forest fall asleep about half way, so he missed the last half of it, but was entirely fascniated by the waterfall we first came accross. Days like these, beautiful days with my family, and my sister who joined us; days that shine bright, days which Forest gets to experience something new, and we could all be together...these are the days that I live for.

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