Monday, 3 August 2015

Flower Child

On days I know I won't be leaving the house (which never happened before, but as a new mom, it's a given) I usually wear a slip or just a house coat (easy items to nurse with), and don't bother too much with my appearance. But then there are days, even when you know you will be home all day, cleaning, finishing the move and taking care of your baby, you still want to look and feel good. So I will sometimes throw a pretty kimono over a slip (this gorgeous slip is from SHEIN), add a flower crown and minimal makeup and ta-da, instant home-fairy status. These dress up days have become important to me as I've been struggling with self-love more than ever before. The post-baby bod isn't my fav, and I still have a couple of weeks of healing to do before I can do any sort of anything to make me feel a little better about myself is entirely welcome! 

slip (from SHEIN)

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