Saturday, 29 August 2015

First Family Picnic

These were taken three weeks ago, on a beautiful day just a small walk outside of our appartment. Forest was three weeks old when we brought him for his first picnic, and although he may have slept through almost the entire thing, it remains to be one of my favorite days together...our little tribe. Gavin had the day off, so we took advantage...packing fruit and drinks, our favourite adventure blanket, an umbrella for shade, and our tiny bear of course. I remember how the sun felt on my skin, watching Forest's sweet face as he slept, the quiet conversations Gavin and I had about how precious our boy really is. These past six weeks have been the most wholesome, lovely, overwhelming days of my life and I'm doing my best to document as much as I can, for myself, Gavin and Forest.  Truthfully, memories fade and I'm already seeing how fast he's growing. Honeslty, looking at these photos, Forest is already so different than he was at this time; so it's really nice, not only to have photos and vedio's of these memories, but these blog posts as well. Here I get to write and express exactly how I felt on this day, little details I never want to lose. Growing up, my dad constantly had a camera or video camera on us, and we still love all getting together to look through those old photos and watch our funny family vedios and I want Forest to have that as well ^.^

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