Monday, 30 March 2015

Pieces of Home

Since I first left home, I've discovered how important it is to create a peaceful environment wherever you are. Whether it's your dorm room, first appartment, home, etc. It means so much to come back from a stressful day from work, social gathering or whatever it may be, to a place which relaxes and even inspires you. I've moved countless times over the past seven years and have yet to find a permanant place to call home (although Gavin and I are currently working on that), but no matter my situation, I surround myself with d.i.y projects, collecting interesting vintage pieces among other things to create a space I am always happy to return to. This is becoming even more important to me now that we're preparing for Forest's arrival, and trying to create a good home for him. 
My room is a crucial space, and I love changing it up, keeping things around that inspire me, whether it's for lounging around in comfee clothes (like this lovely bralet from AmiClubWear ), wirtitng, blogging or anything creative really!

  Bralet: Amiclubwear
Kimono: Urban Outfitters

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