Sunday, 22 March 2015

Old prints, new tricks

The faster I grow, and the more I change, the more creative I need to be with my closet. Finding new ways to wear old pieces is becoming a specialty of mine as my belly swells more and more. Dresses fit like tops now and so I wear alot of slips these days, trying to keep myself in dresses as much as possible (dresses are the ultimate comfort to me, especially free-form ones like this cute fox one). Soon enough I won't need the layers though, and it will be hello freedom! I'm excited to trade up my tights for bare legs since it's becoming more of a hassle to get them on.
Also, I'm 24 weeks now, 6 whole months! Time is starting to fly and before I know it I'll be carrying Forest in my arms instead of in my belly ^.^

 Dress: Asos // Hat & Slip: Urban Outfitters

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