Thursday, 14 August 2014

There is magic here


 This is is a place I visit religiously. it's right near my house and is unbelievably beautiful. It actually happens to be an overgrown abandonsed millitary housing, which has literally been torn out years ago with nothing left but patches of pavement and old lampost. Other wise, there are willow trees, field's of queen anne's lace, fireflies at night, wildlife (Gavin and I once had two baby dear frolock right past us.) and entrance to some wood-lands. I decided to wear this dress from Chicwish on some of my adventures there. (I'm wearing an old modcloth slip and shorts underneath), altogether it's a very comfrotable and lovely look that I'm sure I'll wear too much the remainder of the summer.
Hope you are all having some great adventures ^.^

  :Hat: \Urban Outfitters // Dress:ChicWish


  1. Such a pretty style! I love the photography work, the place creates an awesome atmosphere.
    Great blog, keep going!


  2. Oh wow this whole blog post is so dreamy! I love finding cute abandoned spots.

    Cats in Crop Tops