Thursday, 21 August 2014

French Courtship Slip

Just like the rest of the world...I am in love with freepeople and all of thier dreamy and romantic pieces...this French Courtship Slip is no exception. I think I'd normally pair it with a black slip, but I was on vacation and only had this white one, so oh well. I love the rustic, gypsy feel and look of this particular piece, it's very romantic...I am lucky my surroundings suited the piece well enough. The wood behind the camp groud I was in was lovely (though a bit eerie in the middle of the night)...and the green pond was cooling and truly great to shoot in. Well now I'm off traveling again, for two weddings. I will try to have regular posts up...There are some exciting adventures coming.

  //Dress: Free People


  1. Oh freepeople always kill me with they're gorgeous pieces. I am in love with these shots too, so dreamy :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  2. You are a perfect Free People model! Oh I love this old world look-- just like a fairy tale
    xox Beautiful princess