Friday, 1 July 2016


Over six months ago I had brought an end to the style section of this blog for a couple of reasons.
 1. I was a new mom who could not master blog posts on timelines when working with shops.
 2. I was a new mom struggling with self esteem and hated every photo of myself.
 3. I became so annoyed with consumerism in our culture and didn't want to add to it anymore. 
So now I'm back with the very first style post in a while because
 1. Mixing style and photography is one of my favorite blends of personal passion and I missed creating looks and images that express an idea/feeling or tell a story.
2. I'm tired of being mean to myself and am working hard to gain some self love and esteem.
3. I realized that style blogging doesn't have to evolve around tricking people into buying more like EVERY SINGLE THING ON OUR PLANET BASICALLY DOES. I could, instead, focus and work solely with designers and brands who are genuine and whom I genuinely admire and wish to support. There are so many amazing artists whose designs the world should see, and I want to help!
Now, back to the look...
  stylewe is an online store which carries a variety of different brands and designers that are so very wonderful! I had such a difficult time choosing between the different pieces and collections, the clothes they carry are beautiful and it has definitely become a new go-to site for shopping unique and beautiful pieces.
The designer I really fell in love with was Salma Wang, who creates clothing suited toward women in the arts, including these overalls in her collection Zijue. The collection is a combination of unique cuts, beautiful fabrics with a minimalist feel. I love that she designs comfortable yet graceful clothing for women who work in art and music and design. These overalls are the most comfortable thing I own hands down, which is why I wore them to run errands in these photos. I've also already decided that they will now become my painting pants :) I am so excited to explore more of Salma Wang's collection and to discover the other great brands that STYLEWE carries.  

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