Saturday, 30 April 2016

D.I.Y Wool Wall Hanging

Yesterday I was baby free ( My dad had him for the day so that I could rest a bit ), but as I'm not the lay-on-the-couch-all-day-watching-tv type I decided to try a little d.i.y project I've been meaning to get around to! It's definitely not perfect, but I always like my decor 1.handmade 2.a little wonky, you know something that shows it's unique and made with real hands!
All I used were:
1.thick branch (these can be found anywhere outside or in a woodland area ;) )
2. A string of twine
5.Box (or something that can be used to measure string)

First Step: Take the twine and tie it tightly around both ends of your stick. This will be how your wall hanging will hang, so make sure it's the length you want, and test it out by hanging it off a nail or something before continuing.

Second Step: Take your wool and something to measure (I used this box) and simply wrapped it around 5 times (you can do more or less depending on how thick you want your string hanging), cut the end so you have five long pieces of string.

Third Step: Take the string and fold in over each side of the branch, then the knot you will do is in a single loop. So create a loop and bring around all the string through it and pull it tight. Keep repeating the 2nd and 3rd step until your branch is filled the way you like it.

Final Step: I wanted my wall hanging to be slanting toward the middle and so I trimmed the sides to angle downward.

Now tap yourself on the back and admire your work!

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