Friday, 1 April 2016


Somehow, in the midst of this new life, I have forgotten to post our greenhouse adventure photos (from when Forest was barely five weeks old) that one of my very favourite local photographers Marie-Pier Valiquette Photographie had taken of our freshly blooming family. 
I can still recall the intimate details of this day...the mist and drizzle that surrounded us everywhere but under the doms which safely housed many of the plants at this greenhouse, the slow waking of that morning, Forest's "grumpy eyes" (as Harlow and Rayne always called them) and funny faces all throughout the exploration of the plants and greenhouse grounds. We were given permission to enter the areas not available to the public where I was able to comfortably and happily nurse Forest. We spoke about childhood with one of the owners of the establishment  and when we got home Forest slept while Gavin and I relaxed with coffee and a Fleet Foxes record. It's this sort of ordinary magic that I love about my life with these two humans that I am permanately tethered to. 
Part of me is definitely happy I am only coming around to this post now, almost 8 months later, when Forest has grown and changed unfathomably and beautifuly but my god, so quickly! What a beautiful gift these photos are to look back on and remember Forest as he was, oh so small, curled up against our chests, peaceful and watchful and the most beautiful thing we've ever beheld- And also to remember our Family as it was then too, fresh and ever-changing and slow and fast and wonderful.
That's all for this spontaneous late night post. Have a great week everyone!

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