Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Earthside Memories

As a new mom, I often hear the phrase "it's not like they'll remember anyway..." when talking about my child, someone else's child or thier own. I started thinking about this and what it really means, and have come to the conclusion that I do not accept this. For neither bad nor good things will I ever accept that it doesn't matter because they won't remember. Our ability to remember something does not determine its importance. Fore example, I would never be okay with somethig bad happening to or around my child simply because he may not remember it...I would also never deprive my child of any happy or exciting experiences because he may not remember. Whether or not he remembers years from now, every second of our time here on earth helps shape us, and I try my hardest (yes, even though he is only 8 weeks old) to make every second count towards something positive. We took this hike together when Forest was only two weeks old...if I have the ability to share and give him exciting experiences, wether he remembers or not, then I want him to have them. In any case, he certainly feels things in the moment, and those feelings will help determine what kind of person he will become. There are so many articles, blog posts and advice being given towards the physical safety of our children, and it seems to me that emotional and spiritual wellness aren't discussed or deemed important enough, but I'd like to change least in my household. Health is not only physical, my son's happiness and the way he experiences this earth are equally important, so bring on the positive atmospheres, the adventures and the love, these are the things I will continue to surround my son in (whether he will remember or not).
That's all for today's mini rant, haha, enjoy your week!

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