Thursday, 9 April 2015

Restless Days

I've been feeling beyond restless lately...feeling as though there's so much to do (regular life things as well as getting-ready-for-baby things) and I'm at a point where I'm powerless to make things happen at a quicker pace. Not only that, but the more pregnant I become, the less I have to do to disctract myself as my options are closing in. Today I think I'm going to power clean and make a To-Do list for the near and distant future, that should occupy me for almost a day -.- I know everyone says "enjoy the peace and quiet now because you'll never get it back once baby is here" but I actually can't wait for that. I thrive in high-demand environments and love being busy/ least when Forest is here I'll have a non-sleeping partner in crime ;)
Let's hope this third trimester flies by!
// Dress, Kimono, Hat: FOREVER21

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