Monday, 9 June 2014

summer lovin'

I've been a real busy bee lately, I'm working and exploring and unfortunately haven't been bringing my camera out and about as much as I should/would like, at least for the sake of keeping up with these posts, even as it begins to get busy! 
Well, I had today off, so I went to one of my favorite places, and to my surprise, flowers have sprouted. The quality of these photos do not do this place justice, it's truly breath-taking. 
It's also been extremely hot out, and the only thing I can seem to wear are tank-top dresses. Unfortunately I don't own very many, and I am 99% positive I will need more to survive this summer ;)
Lucky for me I have this adorable dress in the mean time. Anything light and airy on those hot days is good enough for me (plus you can't beat this cute pattern).
I hope everyone's week goes well ^.^

  Dress : Urban Outfitters // 

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