Saturday, 14 December 2013

christmas time wardrobe

It's that busy time of year again; the time of year that is of course so wonderful but can sometimes be very hectic due to traveling, last-minute shopping/decision making. I personally spend half of my holidays traveling...I begin by leaving my own home to then travel to my home town; Christmas afternoon I travel to my father's and on boxing day we travel to my grandmothers, before traveling back to my dads and then home again later on. Of course, gift giving is happening throughout all of this and it's difficult to pack light knowing you will have acquired other things throughout these visits. I personally separate my wardrobe into two categories when it comes to packing for Christmas: Cozy and comfortable // Pretty and fancy.

I think a good metallic or sequined dress is always called for on the holidays for special gatherings or holiday parties. This one from romwe I am particularly drawn to; I love the simple shape mixed with light gold sequins. On the other hand; the holidays can bring a lot of down time or adventuring with family and friends, for which warmer clothes are needed. Cozy socks and sweaters are most definitely needed during these times. Not to mention the fact that holiday sweaters are everywhere now so there's no reason we can't be warm and still be festive!
In terms of the in-between times; such as visiting family and friends, I would definitely have some more casual but cute items packed as well. 

For this I would pack a lot of dresses, a plaid skirt that is able to mix and match with a lot of simple tops; in order to keep your suitcase light. These are all fairly casual while still having a bit of a festive touch. Now that my packing is put into perspective and basically planned, I am so excited to begin my travels and thus the holidays. 11 days until Christmas guys!


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