Tuesday, 28 June 2016

#todayIfeltbeautiful series | D A I S I E S

If you missed my first post for this new series, I spoke a little on self love and how I was inspired to join my friend Hannah in a portrait series that she calls #todayIfeltbeautifulportraitseries . I'm loving it so far because it's allowing my to challenge myself 1. Love myself in this new mom body and hair style (why did I cut off all my hair again?) and 2. to become freer in front of the camera. When I photograph other people, I never tell them to pose (unless it's wedding portraits or something), I love capturing natural movement and raw emotion, however have never been to keen on being natural when it is only myself in front of the camera just because it's scary to be yourself and have other people see that raw side of you. In my first series, I was letting the wind wash over me, enjoying the mist in the air and taking in my surroundings; and I did my best to try and capture that. This time I was relaxing in the sunshine among the flowers and bugs, stretching, meditating, just being. It was wonderful and I felt beautiful. I want to invite and challenge other mama's or anyone struggling a little with self love to join this wonderful project!

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