Friday, 22 January 2016

Forest's journey from five months to six

Forest at six months old:
* sits up on his own (for no more than a couple minutes though)
*has two bottom teeth!
*Stands on his own against furniture (for no more than ten seconds)

Things that make him smile & laugh:
*Attention and encouragement (especially hearing the phrase "good job!")
*When we pop our lips at him (kind of like a fish)
*tickling or fake biting him under his arms
*when dad comes home from work
*when I speak to him in my deepest voice, haha
*Mimicking him

*car seat, though much less so each time!


His eyes: still that baby blue but seem to be lightening now (light specs of green coming through) though they continue to change slightly daily.
Hair: Light Golden Brown, his eyebrows are more noticeable and he has his dad's thick beautiful lashes!
Forest is becoming more loving and funny the older he gets. He loves to cuddle and gives the sweetest koala bear hugs, it's our favourite. Still watchful in social settings and only lets his crazy personality out when he's around people he is comfortable and familiar with. He is so very close to crawling, seeing his determination is wonderful. He had his sixth month needles and didn't shed a tear either, brave boy! We fall more and more in love and awe of him each day, he has such sunlight in him and the very best smile in the universe.
 Enjoy his 5 to 6 month adventures video!

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