Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mixing it up


I am currently in the process of a huge closet purge...I do this every couple of months or so but I'm really breaking it down this time. I've been reading and becoming more aware of how clutter in our life and homes can lead to clutter of the mind. This makes complete sense to me, as I've never been able to relax unless the room I was in was clean and organized (maybe OCD, who knows?) Anyway, we have very little clutter around our house, minimalist decor and otherwise just the things we need. The only things we have in excess currently other than clothes are books (which I am not downsizing further, you can never have too many books ;) )
And I've realized that the reason I keep most of my clothes is for sentimental reasons, things that were gifts, that hold good memories, etc. I know how silly it is and I am officially letting go. I'm selling and donating 3/4 of my closet and already feel so much better! From now on, when I get sent items from shops or buy for myself (which hasn't happened in over a year) I will get rid of one item in my closet for every new one that comes in. 
This holds other fun benefits too! Most of my clothing I've literally worn once...that is crazy to me. Even though I don't pay for them, it's still seems like such a waste. Now that I have fewer items to play with, clothes are being worn often as they are meant to be and I'm having alot more fun putting outfits together that I would not have thought of with my cluttered closet!
I'm thinking of maybe doing a closet capsule, but we'll see...
anyway, have a great week!

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