Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lady in Red

Layering has become a specialty of mine this past little while...summer just doesn't seem to want to stay; it even snowed again yesterday!
It's during these times -the in between hot and cold- times, that I am thankful for 1-my growing kimono collection (perfect for light layering) and 2-breezy dresses like this one from dresslink which is not only easy to layer, but fun! That's the thing about lace, it adds texture to an outfit, while leaving room for countless styling options (any lace dress can look different on any given day with a different colored slip underneath!).  Dresslink is becoming one of my favorite online shops, as they carry an insane variety of clothing for the best prices. They also have a really great Shop App I recomend you all check out!
I hope you are all ejoying a lovely weekend, cheers!

Dress (from Dresslink )

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